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I strongly recommend RK Skin & Cosmetology Clinic for all skin related issues. While the doctor is experienced and friendly, the prices are very reasonable and most importantly, the ambience is hygienic too.


I visited RK skin clinic for skin allergy treatment and the doctor seems to be well experienced as he diagnosed the problem immediately. The prescribed medicines were very effective as they showed results in a week and the problem was cured immediately after that. The doctor also gives you guidelines to avoid the problem in the future.


I visited the clinic for acne treatment and within 3 weeks of treatment, I was completely cured and I enjoy a spotless skin. The clinic is definitely a good value for money. Will recommend.


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Patient Testimonials

When it comes to our skin, apart from the physical appearance, our inner perception also takes a hit. When I visited the clinic, the doctor did not just physically treat me, but also motivated me and now I feel much more confident, inside out!


I decided to go to RK Skin Clinic for my hair and decided on the PRP treatment. Withing a very short amount of time, my hair regrowth is visible and prominent. The credit goes only to Dr Rajkumar for treating me so well.

Sweta Reddy

This is the only skin clinic I will ever recommend. This clinic’s treatment for me was 100% successful along with it being a good value for money. The doctor is highly experienced and did a great job!

San Mendes

The best reference


I visited the clinic for a PRP treatment and the medications actually worked this time! The doctor definitely knows what is required and gave me the apt treatment. I got the results within no time! Definitely, recommend this clinic.


I was suffering from very bad allergic reactions and decided to visit this clinic. Nothing has ever worked permanently for me as they only gave me temporary relief. However, the medicines prescribed by Dr Raj Kumar worked like magic and I haven’t suffered since.

Anand Tiwari

What our Patient Say

The Word of Mouth

The issue with my skin allergies is that they always make a comeback and take too long to go away. The medicines given by the doctor took only a week to make my allergies disappear. This clinic did something 3 other clinics couldn’t.